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Hundreds of flies coming in when the window is opened?
Thousands of flies in the attic?
Flies coming out of light fittings?

Professional cluster fly extermination service, call text or email now!

Getting rid of flies
Before any treatment is carried out, or fly killers bought, flies need to be correctly identified and a survey of the property carried out. The survey is for safety and making sure the appropriate treatment is used for your particular property and fly problems. Incorrect identification of the flies, or guesswork will most likely lead to unnecessary expense and likely failure of any treatment or fly equipment installed.

We have access to the very latest fly control products. Our minimum chemical usage policy ensures your treatment is safe and correctly tailored to your situation. Full training and qualifications underpin any treatments carried out.

Why do flies need controlling?
Flies come in many types, some are serious carriers of disease and may indicate other property problems, and others are merely a nuisance.
In order to correctly control them, a positive identification needs to be made.

Cluster flies may present a problem in autumn or spring and will be there year after year without treatment. They prefer to colonise the south-facing side of elevated properties near grassed areas where they breed using earthworms as a host. Cluster flies come in various forms and are fairly common throughout Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Despite their appearance in alarming numbers in autumn and spring, cluster flies are no more than a nuisance because they make their way into rooms via light fittings, loft hatches and window openings and frames. You may find large numbers of flies inside window frames, or in the window hinge area, they drop out when the window is opened. These are probably cluster flies. Please call for advice.

'Flesh flies' such as bluebottles may well indicate a more serious problem with vermin or birds and the problem needs investigating without delay.
You may have lots of flies on a window or dead flies on a window sill. We offer advice and inspection of your property, and solving your fly problem may be very simple.

How are flies controlled?
Electronic fly killers are most useful where unwanted flies are inside a property on a regular basis, such as food production areas, domestic and commercial kitchens etc. There is a model specifically for loft spaces where cluster flies are a problem. Specialist advice is required when selecting and installing electronic fly controls.

Fly proofing is another method of fly and flying insect control. This comes in the form of fly screens, either hanging or window/door style mesh barriers. These were originally designed for the protection of food premises but are equally appropriate for use in the home where any flying insects are unwelcome. Insect screens are very popular abroad where insects are more of a problem. Please call to find out where fly screens could help you.

Insecticides are also available to control flies, either by fumigation of an area or by contact when flies land. The choice of method depends on the situation and the risks present.

Fly Biology
Flies come with different lifecycles, but broadly speaking, flies lay their eggs upon the food that their larvae will live on. The eggs hatch and the larvae (maggots) feed until they are ready to pupate. Generally the maggots find an area away from the food source to pupate. When ready, the pupae hatches as a fly and the whole cycle happens again.

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