Bird Pest Control: Pigeons

Pigeon bird control

Birds, especially pigeons and gulls cause significant public health risks with their dropping and nesting habits. Pigeons are the most common bird pest in this area.
Mites may become a problem, especially where pigeons and sparrows are present. See bird mite page for more information on mites.
There are many laws relating to the control of birds and these need to be followed closely.The most common method of bird control is by proofing a building to prevent birds nesting or roosting. This can usually be achieved using nets or spikes.
As with many pests, good housekeeping is key to preventing problems. Properties should be properly maintained, broken or lifted tiles replaced, broken windows repaired.
Even with properties in good repair, birds will try and nest or roost wherever they can. If they do this regularly, guano and nesting material may build up causing health concerns or blocking gutters leading to water damage to the property.
Nature in Balance can supply and fit unobtrusive bird proofing to suit your property. We can also clear and neutralise accumulated bird droppings.