Pest Control: Flies


Flies are never welcome, so Nature in Balance provides pest control services to deal with fly infestations.

We can identify the insects that are causing problems and find the reason that they are there. The key to this is identification. Correct identification will lead to finding the reason for the flies being there, and subsequently, correct treatment. Below is a brief guide to fly infestations.

Flies suddenly appearing at any time of the year can indicate a dead animal in the building. If there is no known animal problem, then we need to check the property for potential problems that may allow flies to appear. The flies are usually blowflies or bluebottle types.

Flies appearing on windows in Spring or Autumn could be cluster flies. These flies are trying to hibernate and there may be lots of them, which can be quite disturbing. We can treat these flies, and regular treatments can reduce or eliminate the problem, depending on the layout of the building. We usually need to visit to check which fly eradication method is most suitable.

Call us for fly identification, eradication and cause identification.