Business Pest Control

Our Pest Control services to your Business

Whatever your business, at some point you will need to consider pest control. This may be for protecting your stock, employees, your assets or your reputation. Maybe your current service provider is not providing a professional or adequate service, or is charging too much. In the current economic environment it is foolish not to source the best value service agreement, which may not necessarily be the cheapest on offer, but should provide everything you need.

Contact us to review your current service.

We provide services from one-off treatments to full pest prevention and pest control service agreements within our Business Pest Cover package.

One-off treatments

Tailored to each pest and situation, we can react swiftly to treat any pest issues that will be solved with one or a series of treatments.
You will be issued with a written record of visits and treatments.

Business Pest Cover

After an initial survey, we treat any pest problems found and set up a suitable monitoring system.

We then visit your business premises on a regular basis throughout the year, the frequency determined by your location and the risks present.
During these visits, problems will be automatically treated at no additional cost.

This service includes unlimited emergency call-outs should you encounter a pest problem between routine pest monitoring visits.

We provide you with:

  • Treatment records to satisfy the vermin and pest control element of running a business.
  • Fact sheets for each chemical used.
  • A site plan of bait or monitor locations giving you total control of information when needed.

Why choose us?

Nature in Balance is equipped and qualified to solve any problem quickly, efficiently, safely and with minimum disturbance to your business. We can arrive in unmarked vehicles (by prior arrangement) keeping your reputation intact.

We are listed on the Professional Pest Controllers Register which requires that we are qualified and kept up to date with current treatments and the law within the UK with regular training. This ensures you receive the highest quality, insured and experienced service by a trained and qualified technician.

You spend a lot of time and resources making sure your business is performing at its best.
We understand this, and do not skimp on providing the very best service and products possible, helping you to prevent your business from being bothered by public health pests, unwelcome attention from local authorities, or unwanted sightings of pests.
Our reputation, and yours, depends on it.