Pest Control: Beetles

Pest Beetle control

Beetles come in all shapes and sizes. Usually their presence is merely a nuisance, but some can be indicative of a problem or be the cause of damage.

Probably the best known problem beetle is the carpet beetle. The larvae, known as wooly bears, cause significant damage to natural fabrics such as wool and fur. Their infestation in the home or workplace may also indicate a bird’s nest or dead animal in a loft or void, so a thorough survey is needed to establish the cause.
The adult carpet beetles are often found below windows as they attempt to leave the area they were living as larvae.

Other beetles may be pests of stored food products, particularly grain or flour. These are serious pests, ruining grain and grain-based food, and creating contamination problems in kitchens and commercial food processing areas.

Correct identification is crucial to treating any beetle infestation.

How are beetles controlled?

Depending on the species of beetle, insecticidal sprays are used to good effect. However, the location and removal of the food source is key to long term control.
If you have a beetle problem, we can identify samples of the beetles. Please call to arrange this.

Why choose us to treat your beetle problems?

Successful beetle treatments demand care and attention to detail. We are the experts in beetle control. We have access to the very latest beetle control products. Our minimum chemical usage policy ensures your treatment is safe and correctly tailored to your situation. This is particularly important in domestic situations where crawling babies are present.