Moth problems in Headley Down

Case Bearing Clothes Moth, Common Clothes Moth, White Shouldered House Moth

I was called to a property in Headley Down, near Bordon today for a moth problem in the (fairly new) natural wool carpets. Upon investigation, I found Case Bearing clothes moth in most rooms, common clothes moth in some rooms and in the downstairs loo there were adult White Shouldered House moths around the waste pipe. The discovery of the White shouldered House Moth was unusual and a bit of a surprise. On further investigation, behind a stopcock flap at the back by the waste pipe, I found some rodent poison bait which had been placed by another firm to get rid of mice. The moths had been living on the food product within the poison bait and were now emerging into the room. Another problem solved and treating the carpets will stop the textile moths spreading.

Rat damage in loft, Farnham, Surrey

Rats chewing luggage and wires – Farnham

After the owner heard noises in the loft and walls, and finding some damage, I was called to find out what was living in the loft of this house in Farnham. The culprit turns out to be a rat. Not only had it chewed some luggage, but it had also chewed some electrical wiring down to the copper core. I found three possible entrances for the rat, and these will be sealed once the rat has been removed.

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Coming in from the cold – vermin want shelter!

At last some proper winter weather, but with the sudden drop in temperature comes the increased risk of rats, mice and squirrels getting into your property.

Check for holes, broken tiles, damaged fascias, out-of-control climbing plants – all of these can allow unwanted vermin into your property.

If you’re hearing noises in the loft, or scratching in the wall, then the chances are that it’s a rodent. The problem is unlikely to go away so its time to act before any damage occurs or the infestation becomes well established.

Our prices for rodent control start from £45.00 (no vat) per visit, with most vermin pest infestations requiring 1-3 visits to sort out. Often, the first visit can reveal the source of the problem so a permanent cure can be implemented, but that depends on the property layout.

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