Pest Control: Fleas

Get rid of Fleas

Long term flea eradication

No matter how clean your home is, fleas can become a problem. Aerosol treatments from the vet don’t appear to work and the fleas keep appearing!

We can help, fast and effectively. Our flea treatment will break the flea lifecycle, giving you lasting relief.
Successful flea treatments demand care and attention to detail, so we provide you with detailed instructions to be followed before and after a treatment. We are fully trained and qualified in the safe use of the very latest flea control products and our minimum chemical usage policy ensures your treatment is safe and correctly tailored to your situation.

Special care must also be taken in domestic situations where crawling infants are present. Proper flea control will eradicate fleas from carpets, wood floors and furniture. Some companies will quote for more than one treatment but this is not usually necessary if the first treatment is carried out properly. Why double up on pesticides used when one proper treatment is all you need? 

Our flea treatments come with a guarantee, details provided on request. Natural flea treatment methods are improving all the time, please ask us if this is a preferred method.
Expert flea advice and control is just a phone call away.

DIY flea treatment

Home flea treatments sometimes do work, but the instructions must be followed exactly and a thorough job carried out. The flea sprays are very expensive and after several control attempts can end up costing more than our professional flea treatment.

‘Smoke bombs’ are also popular for treatments, but are usually unnecessary and do not work without back-up sprays!

Why do fleas need treating?

Fleas may become a problem when a pet leaves a property, and the flea life cycle has been interrupted. If the pet still lives in the property, a flea problem may be present but is less likely to be noticed. You may see a flea on clothing or upholstery and may have been bitten. Flea bites on humans are usually on the lower body. The bites can be itchy and may lead to infection. Fleas may also indicate the presence of other animals in a property such as rats, feral cats, squirrels, birds etc, so a thorough survey of the property and surrounds may be necessary.

How are fleas controlled?

If pets are present, your vet will need to establish a regular flea control programme. This should be instigated before or at the same time as the property is treated. Fleas in the home can be treated with insecticidal sprays, and in most cases this will cure the problem. However, unless very careful preparation and execution of a flea treatment is carried out, failure is likely. We use professional flea control insecticides which have a lasting effect, helping to break the flea lifecycle.


Flea eggs are laid in the coat of the animal after the female has had a blood feed. These normally end up in the pet bedding or any dark area where the host animal spends any time. Here they hatch into flea larvae which feed on the blood-rich droppings of the adults, but also debris and dried skin.
After a few weeks and several moults, they pupate and lay in wait for the vibration of a nearby host animal. When a likely host is nearby, they rapidly emerge from their pupal state and attempt to get onto the host. They can remain in the pupal state for a few months which is how fleas can be present in a building even though there are no animals living there.

Rented property, advice for landlords and tenants for end of tenancy.

End of tenancy for pet owners is a time to consider the likelihood of leaving behind fleas for the next tenant. In many cases, the landlord will insist that the property is fumigated or sprayed for fleas even if you consider your pet to have no fleas. Treating for fleas ‘just in case’ is illegal under pesticide label restrictions.

We offer a solution that allows tenants leave the property pest-free, and will satisfy landlords. To add to this, we will back it up with a written guarantee.

Flea guarantee

We carry out a thorough search of the property for signs of fleas. Depending on the conditions, this may include a vacuum search of nooks and crannies where fleas are likely to be found. If we find evidence of fleas, we will treat the property in the correct way (not smoke bombs) This may be an organic treatment depending on the number of fleas found.

If we cannot find signs of fleas we will issue you with a report which contains a guarantee that should fleas be found within a month of new tenants moving in, we will treat the property without charge. This is designed to replace the illegal practice of spraying chemicals ‘just in case’
Please note that the free treatment does not apply if the new tenants bring pets with them.