Pest Control: Moths

Moth Control

Covering clothes/carpet moth and moth infestations of food products

Possibly the most common and well known pest moth is the clothes moth or carpet moth (Tineola bisselliella). It is the caterpillars that do the damage and an infestation can ruin natural fabrics such as wool and fur. In the home, carpet damage or holes in clothes may be the first indication that there is a problem. Other fabric moths are the Case bearing clothes moth (Tinaea pellionella) which cause similar damage, particularly to expensive rugs.

Other moths may be pests of stored food products. These are serious pests, creating contamination problems in kitchens, stores and food processing areas.

Correct identification of the moth is required to treat properly otherwise the cause may be missed and the treatment only temporary.

How are moths controlled?

Depending on the species of moth, insecticidal sprays are used to good effect. These treatments require a lot of attention to detail in order to be effective. Moths in clothes require special treatment as insecticides cannot be applied to these items.

With stored product moths, location and removal of the food source and good hygiene is effective along with insecticidal treatment.

If you have a moth problem, we can identify them for you. Please call to arrange this.

Why choose us to treat your moths?

Fully trained and qualified, we have access to the very latest moth control products and techniques. Our minimum chemical usage policy ensures your treatment is safe and correctly tailored to your situation. This is especially important in domestic situations where crawling children are present.